I am a graduate student in theoretical physics. My recent research has been in the general area of magnetic spin waves, and more specifically on the self-focusing of these waves. This is a fascinating effect where the energy from an oscillating point source does not go equally in all directions, and instead is focused into certain specific directions. This is known as a caustic (for burning) beam. Even when reflected, this energy follows very specific directions and the incident and reflected angles are not equal. These unconventional angles and patterns intrigue me and I want to better understand this response.

Another research topic I am working on is the modeling of Magnetic Resonance Elastography, a diagnostic method that is used for imaging in the body.

My most recent hobby is gentling a wild mustang named Illya that was adopted from the BLM. I am hoping to teach her to barrel race so that we can compete in the local rodeo circuit. Other hobbies include training dogs for autism spectrum individuals and hiking in the Colorado out-of-doors. Furthermore, I am interested in Star Wars costuming and I am a member of the National Ski Patrol on hiatus while I finish my degree.

Contact me: johannabible at gmail dot com

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Service Dogs for Autism:
Wild Mustangs:
National Ski Patrol:
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